Pending Legislation

2021 Legislation

For his final term in the California State Senate, Majority Leader Hertzberg remains committed to reforming criminal justice, clean energy, water conservation, maintaining dignity and companionship for our homeless community, and so much more. Check back often for the latest updates on the Senator's bill package as makes its way through the legislative process.

SCA 1 CA Constitution Referendum
Adds clarity to provisions in Article II of the California Constitution on referendum measures by specifying how “YES” and “NO” votes translate to voter approval or rejection.

SB 262 Safe and Resilient Communities Act - 2 year bill
(AB 329 in the Assembly) sets bail at $0 for misdemeanors and low-level felonies in California. These bills require that money paid for bail or bond be refunded when the charges are dropped, if a case has been dismissed, or if the person has not missed any required court appearances. The intent is to ensure that a person is not kept behind bars pending trial simply because of their inability to afford bail.

SB 267 Solar Tax Exclusion Clean-Up - signed into law
Clarifies changes in ownership as it relates to tax exclusions for solar energy systems. This will incentivize the construction of renewable energy projects in the State, thus benefiting both the economy and the environment.

SB 273 Storm Water Diversion Authority - signed into law
Authorizes municipal wastewater agencies to enter into voluntary agreements with entities responsible for storm water management – including municipal, industrial, and commercial storm water dischargers – to more effectively manage storm water and dry weather runoff.

SB 344 Pet Assistance and Support Program - 2 year bill
Builds on the success of the Pet Assistance and Support (PAS) Program of 2019 by requiring the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to develop and administer a program that awards grants to homeless shelters to serve the needs of pets for people experiencing homelessness, including shelter, food, and basic veterinary services.

SB 444 AmeriCorps Education Award Tax Exemption - 2 year bill
Recognizes the value of community service by exempting the AmeriCorps Segal AmeriCorps Education Award and the California For All Education Award from California state income tax. This will enable recipient to receive the full benefit in exchange for committing themselves to service, while providing valuable avenues for career and educational advancement.

SB 505 Fair Repayment Plan for Classified Employees - 2 year bill
Creates a clear process for when employees are inadvertently overpaid by their employers (by an accounting error or other mistakes), and aims to resolve the issue in an equitable manner that does not burden employees, and ensures employers are made whole.

SB 529 Electricity Reliability Act - 2 year bill
Authorizes a “central procurement” mechanism for electricity that will efficiently and equitably meet customer needs, and our statewide climate goals.

SB 539 - signed into law
In conjunction with Proposition 19, this measure makes several clarifying changes to the “Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families and Victims of Wildlife or Natural Disaster Act.”

SB 552 Drought Resilient Communities Act - signed into law
Improves drought preparedness for small and rural communities by making various changes to local drought and water shortage contingency plans. It also enhances coordinated efforts between local and state governments, small water suppliers, and rural communities.

SB 572 - The Workforce Asset Guarantee and Enforcement (WAGE) Act - signed into law
Allows the Labor Commissioner to record a certificate of lien on real property in order to secure amounts due to wronged-employees under final wage and penalty citations issued by the Labor Commissioner’s Bureau of Field Enforcement.

SB 774 – Privilege Parity for Victims of Discrimination
Clarifies existing law to ensure confidential communications between attorneys of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and individuals who file an administrative complaint with the department are protected by attorney-client privilege. This clarification will protect victims of discrimination, and bolster’s California’s commitment to ensuring civil rights for all.