Pending Legislation

On December 3, 2018, new members of the California State Senate were sworn in and the 2019-20 Legislative Session began. Over the first year of the two-year session, Senator Hertzberg authored a number of bills that fine tune water and energy policy, seek consumer protections for Californians, and improve on his prior legislative efforts. The deadline to pass bills introduced in 2019 or 2020 is August 31; check back often for the latest updates on Senator Hertzberg's legislation as it is introduced and makes its way through the process!

SB 51 - Cannabis Banking - 2 year bill; still active in 2020

SB 51 creates a limited-purpose, state-chartered bank license that would be administered and regulated by the Department of Business Oversight. Privately-funded banks that receive this charter would be able to provide limited banking services to licensed cannabis and cannabis-related businesses. This bill is a follow-up attempt to SB 930 (Hertzberg, 2018), which was held by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. 

SB 342 - Trusted Ticketing - 2 year bill; still active in 2020

Dishonest marketing companies often manipulate internet searches by using the venue or artist name to bait consumers into believing they are purchasing the lowest-priced tickets directly from a venue, when that is not the case. SB 342 would prohibit the use of specific team names, leagues, venues, events, performances, or other trademarks in the URL of non-official ticket websites.

SB 350 - Electricity Reliability Act of 2019 - 2 year bill; still active in 2020

The rapid growth of Community Choice Aggregators, Direct Access providers, and Behind the Meter services has changed the retail electricity market. A key focus for the state going forward will be how state regulators will ensure long-term resource procurement for reliability in such a disaggregated market, while still meeting statewide goals for reliability, sustainability, and affordability. SB 350 would modify existing law to ensure that the CPUC could implement a multiyear central Resource Adequacy mechanism that includes a central procurement entity that could cover gaps in long-term contracting and ensure access to capital across market players.

SB 369 - Safe Parking Lots - 2 year bill; still active in 2020

More than 9,000 people are living in cars and recreational vehicles on any given night throughout the city of Los Angeles. So many of our most vulnerable are just one citation or one tow truck away from losing everything. SB 369 would establish a statewide definition for safe parking programs, and would expand eligibility for people to enroll in programs like the SMOG Assistance Program, as most individuals who find themselves living in their cars are often most unable to afford the fines and fees related to the upkeep of a vehicle.

SB 960 - Bail and Immigration Consumer Protection Act of 2020

SB 960 strengthens protections for vulnerable California consumers by making it clear that consumer financial protection laws apply to all bail and immigration bond companies.