Sen. Hertzberg's Legislation Considers Every Last Drop

Multiple Bills Aim to Save Water and Money

June 28, 2016

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, has studied the intricacies of water issues and policy since he wrote his college thesis on the topic 40 years ago. Throughout the ebb and flow of his career in and out of government, water has been a constant.

“You’ll see me introduce water bills every year that I’m in the Senate,” Hertzberg said as he discussed some of his recent legislation. “These (bills) are just one small step for water policy toward one large deliverable of how we do water policy in California.”

Hertzberg, who was elected to the Senate in 2014, previously served in the State Assembly from 1996- 2002. During his time in the Assembly, including two years as Speaker, Hertzberg helped shape and pass legislation regarding agriculture-to-urban water transfers that provided a framework to end nearly seven decades of California/Colorado River water disputes. 

“I left politics for 12 years and I came back wanting to fix things for the next generation,” Hertzberg said. Water is one issue he knew he would address and he just served on a commission for the Metropolitan Water District to look ahead 50 years in water management.



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