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California voters could cast ballots for 10 days before election day under SB 450

June 10, 2015

By Patrick McGreevy

By Timm Herdt

June 10, 2015

They don’t much like to admit it, but there are very few times when California senators take on a truly big idea, one with the power to transform California, shape the economy for decades to come, and potentially steer a course for the world.

Last week was one of those times.

Following Gov. Jerry Brown’s lead, the Senate adopted energy and climate-change policies that combined take a huge risk that the economy of California can be weaned from fossil fuels.

By Dennis Romero

June 9, 2015

One of the more infuriating aspects of getting a traffic ticket in L.A. is that you're pretty much convicted and punished the minute a cop reaches for his pen.

By Bob Egelko

June 9, 2015

Heeding the pleas of drivers who want to contest their traffic tickets, California judicial leaders ordered county courts on Monday to stop requiring motorists to pay their fines and fees before allowing them to go to court.

It's past time for lawmakers to reform the state's volatile, unpredictable tax system

June 8, 2015

By the Times Editorial Board

The California tax code is like a handyman's rickety stepladder, as untrustworthy as it is essential. It's also proving to be hard to fix. Two blue-ribbon commissions have proposed sweeping reforms to shore up the tax code's weaknesses in recent years, only to get lost amid the Legislature's struggle to make ends meet during the downturn. Nevertheless, there may be no time like the present for lawmakers to try to make the state's revenue more reliable.

By Josh Richman/Bay Area News Group/Los Angeles News Group

June 8, 2015

California drivers can now appear in court to challenge their traffic tickets without paying a fine first, under a new rule adopted unanimously by the state's Judicial Council on Monday.

San Diego Democrat earns praise for inclusive approach

June 6, 2015

By Chris Nichols

In her first year as Speaker of the California Assembly, San Diegan Toni Atkins has won praise from colleagues both inside and away from the Capitol as a leader who seeks substance over style and teamwork rather than “high drama.”

Atkins, 52, a former San Diego City Council member, hasn’t escaped criticism in Sacramento. She dealt earlier this year with conflict-of-interest questions tied to her support for affordable housing and the controversial removal of a fellow San Diego Democrat from an Assembly committee.

By a MetNews Staff Writer

June 4, 2015

A bill that would allow the State Bar to collect donations from members to fund a student loan repayment program for public interest attorneys was unanimously approved yesterday by the state Senate.

SB 134, by Sen. Robert Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, was previously approved by the Judiciary and Appropriations committees, also without a dissenting vote. The bill next moves to the Assembly.

If the bill becomes law, an option to donate to the Public Interest Attorney Loan  Repayment Program could be added to State Bar dues statements as soon as next year.

Sen. Hertzberg: “Markets change. We transform. That’s who we are. Welcome to America, baby.”

June 4, 2015

By Jessica Calefati/Bay Area News Groups/Los Angeles News Group

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