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Hertzberg Bills on Bail, Cannabis Banking Clear Senate Appropriations Committee

SB 898 and SB 930 will be eligible for Senate floor votes next week 

May 25, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Legislation by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) that would shine light on the bail industry’s predatory lending practices and establish the framework that would allow licensed cannabis businesses to open bank accounts passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today.

The following bills authored by Hertzberg passed out of Senate Appropriations and will be eligible for a Senate floor vote next week:

SB 898 requires bail contracts to be posted online, requires them to be made available in different languages, and requires bail companies to submit information about their lending practices to the California Department of Insurance. Under the bill, the Insurance Commissioner will lead an analysis of the bail insurance market as it relates to their profits and the relationship between the risk assumed by the insurer and the rates charged to those seeking a bail bond.

SB 930 would authorize the creation of cannabis limited charter banks and credit unions and authorize the use of special purpose checks issued by those institutions for specified purposes.

SB 944 authorizes a local emergency medical services (EMS) agency to develop and seek approval for a community paramedicine program, which would provide a number of community paramedic services as defined by the bill. The bill requires the State Emergency Medical Services Authority, with the advice and consent of the Community Paramedicine Oversight Committee created by this act, to adopt minimum medical protocols for community paramedicine program specialties.

SB 1007 waives state and local taxes for charitable organizations that donate military and veteran medical facilities to the U.S. Department of Defense for operation on federal land in California. The facilities must be used for research and treatment of medical conditions prevalent in military personnel.

SB 1131 would require the California Public Utilities Commission to authorize investor owned utilities incentives for industrial and agricultural energy efficiency projects based on reduction in normalized metered energy consumption, and establish new requirements and timelines for the CPUC’s review of these projects.

SB 1147 institutes leasing and permitting reforms in the decommissioning of oil rigs, and creates a new fund to help ensure future decommissioning and removal costs are borne by the oil companies, not the public.

SB 1215 would allow the State Water Resources Control Board to identify disadvantaged communities that do not have adequate wastewater service, and would allow the Board to then facilitate service to affected residents through annexation or an extension of service to a receiving wastewater system when funding is available.

Media Contact: Katie Hanzlik
Press Secretary
Senator Robert M. Hertzberg
Capitol Building, Room 4038
(916) 651-4018

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