EXAMINER.Com: State representatives join Studio City Neighborhood Council meeting

Sen. Bob Hertzberg scheduled to speak

October 21, 2015

Two California state representatives plan to visit and chat with citizens of Studio City when the come to the neighborhood council meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. State Assembly member Adrin Nazarian and State Senator Bob Hertzberg are both scheduled to speak and take questions at the Studio City Neighborhood Council’s Board meeting, which is one of the most active neighborhood councils in all of Los Angeles.

Studio City Neighborhood Council president John Walker said, "This is a very unique opportunity. Please come prepared with your questions."

The meetings are always free and take place on the CBS Studio Center Lot, which is a historic lot and why Studio City has its name. The council will be serving pizza, pasta, salad and cold drinks at 6:30 p.m. with the meeting scheduled to start promptly at 7 p.m. This meeting, they expect a full house.

Walker suggested, "If you have never attended a Neighborhood Council Board meeting before, may we suggest THIS IS THE ONE to make your first."

On the agenda is a concern of the safety of a wireless communications that is supposed to be constructed in a local park. There is a a motion to stop the construction of it. The motion says, "The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council understands the importance to our City’s economy of being at the forefront of information technology by providing a wireless network that will provide high-speed internet access to anyone, anywhere in the City. However, based upon the information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the California Medical Association (both attached hereto), we request that concerns regarding the safety of wireless communications raised in the letter be addressed and remediated in the design of the system. Specifically, the proposed installations should not be constructed in or around parks and schools. Additionally, no public funds should be used to accomplish the objective. It should be funded by private parties and not by public funds as the City is not presently able to fund infrastructure repairs and its core competencies."

Then, there is a motion for city council representative for the area, Paul Krekorian where they are asking that he propose a city law that "prohibits APPs such as 'WAZE' from sending cars through neighborhood streets not classified for thru-traffic or approved by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation for thru-traffic."

The Neighborhood Council is a community-based advisory group of volunteers that controls some city money distributed for the community.

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