Senator Hertzberg’s 2018 Legislation

In 2018, Senator Hertzberg pioneered legislation that moves the pendulum on criminal justice reform, energy efficiency and protecting our environment. Here's a quick list of some of Sen. Hertzberg's bills that were passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor into law:

SB 10 - Bail Reform
After two years of research, stakeholder collaboration, and negotiations, the Legislature passed SB 10 and Governor Brown signed it into law. SB 10 eliminates the predatory commercial bail system and replaces it with a system based on public safety risk and judicial discretion - not wealth - to determine whether an individual will detained pretrial. You can read more about SB 10 and its implementation on the California Courts' website.

AB 375 - California Consumer Privacy Act
Recent data breaches that affected millions have raised concerns from Internet users around the world. The continued prevalence of such occurrences and uncertainty about what data is being collected has drawn the ire of consumer and public interest groups. So with Assemblymember Ed Chau, we passed the strongest consumer privacy data protection law in the nation. AB 375 gives consumers the ability to know what data is being collected about them online, and even to delete it. When it goes into effect in 2020, it will also empower consumers to decline the sale of their information and report violations.

SB 237 - Greater Electricity Choice for Businesses (Direct Access)
As California's clean energy economy evolves, utility customers are seeking greater choice in how they obtain electricity, sometimes opting to choose electricity service separate from their local utility. SB 237 lifts an existing cap on such transactions for non-residential customers, allowing California businesses (like universities, hospitals, and grocery stores) to make cost-effective energy decisions while also providing them with options to meet, or exceed, the state's renewable energy goals.

SB 606 - Water Efficiency as a California Way of Life
Along with a broad coalition of water districts, environmental groups, and local governments throughout California, we developed SB 606 to establish, for the first time, permanent water efficiency standards and goals across the state to be met by 2026.

SB 838 - Blockchain Stock Certificates
With technology rapidly changing and improving, the tech industry - especially in Los Angeles - is developing all kinds of improvements to help business and government run better. SB 838 allows a forward thinking way of doing business by giving California corporations the option to issue and transfer stock certificates on the blockchain.

SB 913 - Graffiti Busters
My office partnered with local organizations, including the LA Beautification Team, Northeast Graffiti Busters, and Koreatown Youth+ Community Center, along with local labor unions to pass SB 913. This bill ensures that the City of Los Angeles can continue to fund and operate volunteer-run graffiti abatement programs, which comprise a large portion of all the graffiti abatement work being done in the Los Angeles area.

SB 931 - Conservatorship Proceedings
In California today, too many mentally ill individuals languish in jail. Under existing law, severely mentally ill individuals who could be eligible for a psychiatric evaluation for a conservatorship may not receive one because of their custody status. SB 931 specifies that a person's custody status can't be used as the sole reason for delaying their evaluation for a conservatorship, paving the way for them to access needed services.

SB 1001 - B.O.T Act of 2018
The B.O.T. Act makes it illegal for automated accounts on online platforms to knowingly deceive or mislead a person in order to influence a commercial transaction or to influence a vote in an election. Under SB 1001, bots must be clearly identified as bots online. We even created a bot, @Bot_Hertzberg, to show how these accounts can be helpful and informative - when properly labeled.

SB 1007 - Veteran's Reinvestment Tax Exemption
SB 1007 waives state and local taxes for charitable organizations that donate military and veteran medical facilities to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for operation on federal land in California.

SB 1147 - Oil Bankruptcies
Recent oil bankruptcies have left the state on the hook to decommission two abandoned offshore oil and gas sites in California. With this in mind, I introduced SB 1147, which requires the state to increase bonding amounts when negotiating leases or re-leases for offshore oil and gas operators. This means that if an offshore oil rig becomes defunct, the cost of decommissioning it would be on the operator, not the taxpayers.

SB 1215 - Safe & Sustainable Wastewater Management
In the past few years, our state has made miles of progress to ensure all communities receive safe drinking water. We decided now was the time to address our neighbors' wastewater needs as well. SB 1215 authorizes extension of sanitary sewer service to communities with failing onsite sewage treatment systems.