Listen to the former Assembly Speaker's plans on the day he's sworn into the Senate

December 1, 2014
November 22, 2014

The first surprise on a tour of Bob Hertzberg's new house in Van Nuys is the ice cream parlor, with the former state Assembly speaker's nickname on a neon sign: "Huggy's Soda Fountain."

Next is a screening room with hot dog, cotton candy and popcorn machines, and then, in the garage, a shiny green 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup truck.

October 30, 2010

Editor's note: On the eve of the recall election that swept Arnold Schwarzenegger into office seven years ago, former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg penned a memo to the new governor for these pages. With Californians about to choose a new leader, he's once again offering his thoughts about getting our state back on track.

DEAR Governor-elect:

How the world has changed in seven short years. When I last wrote a new governor, Barack Obama was a little-known state senator and California's economy was larger than China's.

June 7, 2010

By Bob Hertzberg

I'm an optimist by nature. In the glass-half-full, glass-half-empty debate - I'm the guy who is happy there's a glass.

When I served as Speaker of the California Assembly, even during the energy crisis, I kept in my office a framed copy of Alexander Graham Bell's quote: "problems are nothing more than opportunities in working clothes."

So why is it that even an optimist like me wakes up these days with a pit in his stomach?

May 26, 2009

By Robert M. Hertzberg and Thomas McKernan;

 Special to The Bee

Californians are looking for a government as innovative and creative as the state they call            home. We all want something to believe in, something that will bring about change without more gimmicks and old, tired ideas. Overhauling the constitution only makes sense if it empowers communities at the expense of a bloated Sacramento. Put simply: To succeed, government must be closer to the people, focused on solving problems, and organized to achieve better results.

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